Pre-school craft ideas with popcorn boxes

Creating a popcorn box

Engaging pre-school kids in healthy physical activities is the need of the hour. With the ever-increasing use of television and other electronic gadgets, kids are being diverted to an unhealthy path. As kids are mostly looked after by their parents at home and teachers at school, it becomes their responsibility to handle their activities properly. A pre-school kid is around the age in which the mind is growing at a rapid speed and most physicians agree on the fact that under the age of 7, most of the brain has been developed. This is the reason that proves that is the age where kids should be encouraged to have a healthier routine.

Holding art and craft sessions in the classes can be a great way to attract children to such activities. Kids learn a lot from school and like to carry out similar activities in their homes as well. Either popcorn boxes wholesale can be ordered to make the kids paint on them while the other option is to guide them to make their own boxes. It becomes a fun way to spend time on a healthy task which eventually creates multiple other creative activities for the kids like decorating and painting the box.

Let the ideas flow

The main idea behind giving the kids a free hand in painting the popcorn boxes is to let their hands create things that are imagined by their minds. Giving them guidance and helping them create the thing that they have an idea of, gives the kids a boost of confidence and they start to trust their own judgment. As much as they can decorate the boxes according to their own taste, giving out pointers and guidelines can be helpful in broadening their thinking and imagining horizon. Girls are usually associated with delicate colors like pink, purple or gold while boys are distinctly linked with colors like blue, green or grey. It’s important for the schooling system to educate the kids on how the colors are neutral and how kids can use any paint or ribbon to decorate their popcorn boxes. Pink popcorn box can be taken as feminine but in reality that is not the case. This color of boxes is mostly used at birthdays or events as they are not so bright and can merge in with the theme of the celebration. Kids can be instructed to make one as a gift for their parents or siblings. It will also encourage the trait of being generous and friendly.

With plain surfaces like black and white, the opportunities to shape the box in any wanted form increase drastically. With the use of Black Popcorn Boxes, kids can use shimmering colors on the top to give the box a beautiful look. Black background multiplies the significance of the patterns that are designed in golden, silver or white color on top of it. Teaching the kids this technique at a young age can develop the creative side of their brain that can help them out in the future. There are many future artists, decorators, architects, and designers who are sitting under a single roof so it is important to influence every kid equally.

Gold is taken as a color of grandeur and it makes it a good choice for being used at events like New Year or Christmas. Holding the crafting activity before the holidays and letting the kids paint their heart out on the Gold Popcorn Boxes can create an item for them to enjoy such events. It heightens their self-confidence when they display the items that are created by them to their family member and gain applause in return.

Choosing the right material

Earth and its resources are finite; therefore, it is important to teach the pre-schoolers about the importance of saving them. Kraft popcorn boxes that are made out of environmentally friendly material like cardboard can be introduced to the kids. It can make them understand the difference between other harmful materials and cardboard. The brown surface of the box makes it possible to put any chosen color on the top and make it shine out. The earthy tone of the container gives it an edge over the rest of the colors that are used for popcorn boxes.

Cardboard boxes can be used to contain the popcorns in a closed box. Mostly Closed top Popcorn Boxes are used to sell the ready-made popcorns in the market. Children can be taught the sense of hygiene and neatness by familiarizing them with this type of box. The lid on their top prevents the popcorns on the inside from spilling out and creating a mess. Kids should be taught to keep their surroundings clean from a very young age so this habit can develop over time. Mostly Large Popcorn Boxes are used to turn them into closed boxes. Along with being converted into a closed container, a large box gives more area to the kids to beautify them. They can have more space to put everything from their mind to the paper.

Holding the activity regularly

Order Popcorn Boxes Wholesale deals to have a large number of boxes at your disposal at a low cost. A large number of popcorn boxes can make the occurrence of the activity more regular which can increase the engagement of the kids with art and crafts.


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